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Search Engine Optimization is the holy grail of online success. Sometimes, finding your

website on Google and other search engines can be more difficult than finding Bigfoot in the

forest. No fun. Adbee has taken all of the guesswork out of SEO. Which helps you get back to

the important business of running your company. No more searching and hoping – AdBee

works for you. With over 10 years of award winning service, Adbee is not only a Google

Partner,  we’ll be your premier partner. Your business, found online for the best

search keywords, every time. Guranteed. Take THAT Bigfoot!


Things we are good at and will do for you


Website Design

Adbee takes the guesswork out of web design. Nor boring tech talk, no mind numbing code speak. We use the world’s most popular CMS (Content Management System) to make your site hum like a bird in Spring. Fast responsive, and most importantly  impactful for your business.

Ongoing Support

Adbee never just sets and forgets it. Our team of polished tech professionals esnures your site is up and running at all times, so you never lose a customer touch point. Making sure your site works and looks beautiful on every site is our top priority. Hey – who doesn’t lik looking at beautiful things, right?

Our Business Is Making Your Business be Digitally Awesome


Adbee loves setting up efficient and engaging eCommerce sites almost as much as we like acutally shopping online! if you want to sell products online, whether it’s two things – or 2000 – we can setup up for online sales success.

Logo Design

Consider Adbee your Pixel Perfect brand consultant. We take the look, feel and visual of your business very seriously. Well, seriously fun that is. We’ll make sure your logo and graphics fit your brand identity down to the very lasat drop of color.

Website Search Engine Optimization

S.E.O. is the best bet for long term success when it comes to your digital platforms. Does anybody actually clik to page tow in Google search? Probably not (at least we don’t!)  That’s why Adbee’s 10 years of Search Engine Optimization excellence will ensure site is easier to find than a mermaid on a tropical island. Guranteed.


Founded in 2019, Let’s Get Optimized is a Clutch award-winning SEO, PPC Management, Web Design & full-service Digital Marketing Company that provides customized Online Marketing strategies that deliver exceptional and ROI drive results. Get transparent detailed monthly reporting. NO Contracts!

Why Work With Adbee?

Adbee is truly everything you’ve ever wanted in a Digital Marketing partner. all in one place. Complete web design services, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, PPC and SEO for SMB’s – and lots of other letters that we know will help your business succeed online. The most important letter? A. Matter of fact, we strive for an A+ in all the services we offer.

Adbee has consulted with some of Canada’s Top brands, and now we’re excited to work with you. No more hoping for a result. Our team polished professionals and true tech lovers will make the process simple. efficient, streamlined and awesome – just like our business.

Adbee focused on your success. Our partner roadmap includes setting your business up for long term success with consulting and brand strategy – along with “Quick Wins” along the wayto show continued momentum. Plus – every month, our team delivers you personalized analytics and reporting to see exactly what’s working.

When you partner with Adbee, we’re more than just partners. We’re friends. No, not the kind of friends who will show up on a Saturday night asking if you have any wine. The kind of friends and partners who know how important it is to set up for success. Our Job is to be transparent with our services, Open about our strategy and hard working for your brand. But sure. . . wine would be OK too.

Adbee would love to help your business thrive online. Setup your free consultation and let your Google certified team help you win.

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Our worker bees always enjoy a good buzz.